Play 21 Card Game Online And Enjoy With Friends

Play 21 Card Game Online And Enjoy With Friends

Since the early 17th century, 21 card games have been played widely. It originated in Spain and then spread to Europe and America. This game is an exciting variation of traditional rummy games. With the evolution of technology, now this game can be played online. There are several websites through which one can play 21 card game online.

Rules to follow for playing  21 card game

The 21Cards game is normally played between 2 to 6 players with the 3 standard decks of 53 cards in each deck. This includes one printed Joker in each deck. Here the players play for points that have got a pre-decided value (maybe in terms of rupees or in-play points). Before the game starts, every player has to place the minimum amount required on the table. So, to decide which player will make the first move, one random toss has to be made. This game aims to form the sets and sequences and sets from the cards dealt with each player. Some of the rules to follow for this game are:

  1. A sequence needs to be made that consists of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit.
  2. A set that comprises three numbers of cards of the same rank in the different suits.
  3. One must see that the combinations should not overlap.
  4. To substitute any card in a set or sequence, wildcards are mainly used. However, it must be noted that the straight run cannot be formed with wild cards.
  5. For a person to win, they must make at least two sequences; out of two, one should be straight.

While playing online, the player who has declared has to show their cards first. After their cards have been validated and proved correct, the other players have to show their cards.


For a safe play, one must know all the rules and regulations of the game and they must choose the authenticate site for playing.